Welcome to NWC in 2022!!

The Home of Northwest Chill (NWC) and Northwest "Chillin" (Acoustic)


2022 marks yet another milestone for the band as we continue to grow and explore new types of music, venues, and putting it simply - just continue to have a great time playing live in both our acoutic and full-band configurations!

We're adding even more originals and unique dance favorites to our play lists in 2022, so be sure to come out and lets us know what you think!  Additionally, you'll find various configurations of the band playing online concerts, so be sure to keep checking the calendar page on this site and our Facebook Page!

This year as night clubs and other venues start bringing back live music, we'll be working on playing more events around the puget sound to include Seattle-area venues as well. So regardless on what "side of the water" you reside on, you'll be able to find us at a venue near you!  Just click on our "Calendar" tab to see where we'll be.


For those of you who have not seen us yet, our musical style ranges from the various dance-able rock genres of the 1950s through to today's alternative and new-country.  So regardless of your genre of rock music, we've got something for you!  We also write our own music, so expect to hear a bit of fresh original music in our sets to boot!  Either way, come on out and see us - you'll have a great time!


We have a page dedicated to our fans that have shared pictures of them and their NWC gear at various locations throughout the world!  Get a shirt either at one of our shows or via the "NWC STORE", take a cool picture and send it to us either by email or Facebook, along with your name and location!  Check it out at: NWC Shirt Tracker!

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