The Band

Northwest Chill (NWC) is a 5-piece variety rock band that has been taking the Washington Puget Sound region by storm (pun intended)!  The band brings together outstanding local professional working musicans from widely varying backgrounds including blues, country, acoustic, and progressive rock.  NWC is known for its tight vocal harmonies, wide range of musical selections to include a mix of cover songs and originals, and an innate ability to fire up a crowd and keep them dancing/partying all night long!  You can find NWC playing all around the Puget Sound region in night clubs, outdoor events, and corporate parties.

The Band includes experienced songwriters, so not only will you hear your favorite dance and party songs, but experience original music written by the band as well!  You can't get any better than that!!

For smaller venues, the band re-configures with acoustic guitars and percussion into a 3-4 piece acoustic configuration and due to its laid-back nature, goes under the name "Northwest Chill - Acoustic".  The acoustic group can regularly be seen out in smaller and more intimate settings such as wine bars, coffee shops, and acoustic lounges throughout western Washington.

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