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Northwest Chill is a rock band.  The repetoir is quite eclectic and diverse incorporating cover tunes spanning the 1950s into the new millenium.  Additionally, the band is comprised of singer/songwriters and thus plays a good dose of original music to boot!  The Band's membership represents numerous facets of musical styles ranging from classic rock, blues, country, jazz, modern rock, and folk acoustic, which can all be heard within the band's overall sound.


To give you an idea, we've included one of our song lists we use to put sets together, which is used for the various configurations of the band (Northwest Chill, or Northwest Chillin' [acoustic configuration]).  The "Originals" will soon be available for purchase and download in an MP3 format for your continued enjoyment!


Because Northwest Chill/Chillin' is continually updating the song lists, this listing you see on the left will only be updated on occasion.  So come on out and see what's been added since your last visit to our website!

Here are some links (many more to follow) of some video snippets of us playing around the area!


The Manchester Pub with Shawn and Gerry "dueling" 12-string and drums:


The Swiss in Tacoma for the Maari Dickerson Fundraiser:



The Flotation Device with cover "Hey Soul Sister"


The Flotation Device with cover "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"